The Felicetti family has perfected artisanal pasta making. Since the company’s inception in 1908, the Felicetti name has become synonymous with the highest quality pastas trusted by chefs and home cooks around the world. Based in the heart of the Italian Alps in an area known as the Dolomites, our sustainable factory uses the purest alpine water and the clean air of the mountains to perfect its pasta.

The choice pasta of chefs and foodies around the world.

Single-heritage and ancient organic durum wheat combined with alpine water and the cleanest mountain air in Italy produces only the best quality premium pasta. This chef and foodie’s favorite is available in three distinct varieties: Matt, Kamut, and Farro.

Perfect organic every day.

100% Italian Organic Durum Wheat that is freshly milled into semolina flour is then bronze-extruded to make this pasta. It is then packaged in the first ever 100% recyclable paper bag. This pasta is available in a wide variety of cuts. The Perfect Pasta for everyday use!

single ancient and heritage grains

Felicetti uses three different single, mono-varietal wheats to create Monograno, Kamut and Farro are ancient grains originating thousands of years ago in Egypt and the Middle East. Matt is a modern heritage grain.

Monograno Grains


A rich variety of durum wheat grown in Puglia that when cooked gives off the aroma of summertime hay and tastes of stone-baked bread.


The Khorosan variety of durum wheat is an ancient grain that dates back several thousand years and when cooked releases a gentle fragrance of white flowers & pine nuts.


Another ancient grain favored by Celts, Egyptians, and Etruscans, Farro when cooked releases a delicate fragrance of mace, fresh hazelnut, eggplant, crispy bread, and peanut butter with a light finish of jujube berries.

Monograno Matt Tagliatelle Bolognese Recipe

The most important ingredient in this traditional Italian Meat sauce is patience. Cook it low and slow for all the flavors to build and meld.

Authentic Italian Taste at Home with Felicetti Organic

Enjoy perfectly Al Dente pasta every time. Never overcooks or sticks. 100% Italian Durum Wheat combined with the cleanest alpine water and air in Italy. A complete variety of cuts for every use. The purity of flavor is gentle, generous and rounded, with a mineral and savory finish that endures on the palate.